Stationery and Marketing

Icebreaker is one of New Zealand's finest exports.

Executing the printing and signage for a brand like Icebreaker is a challenging yet rewarding job. The nature of the retail industry requires us to meet super-tight deadlines, and our colour matching must be spot-on to ensure brand consistency across the country. We’ve worked with Icebreaker on a wide range of projects, including office fit-out and decoration, storefront signage, POS material, business cards and communication materials. Our hard work paid off when we were awarded two gold medals at the 2015 Pride in Print Awards for Icebreaker print work. Let’s keep them coming!


  • Nationwide outlets
  • Business cards
  • Booklets and brochures
  • Fine art prints
  • Store signage
  • Installation
“No matter what my crisis is, these guys ALWAYs come through with service that is second to none. I cannot recommend them highly enough.” 5 - University of Otago
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